Clearing Energy Blocks

The human body is the most deft and magnificent organism on the face of the earth. Human life on this earth is at its root, the life of the body. A living body contains the mind, the soul, and feelings. Therefore, to live the life of the body in a conscious and aware way means to live with a mindful, sensitive, and profound core, consciousness and vivacity. The body is wise. It has messages of its own independent of the mind’s games, and it does not lie.

The energy block clearing exercise is an energy exercise whereby the body’s memory is used and corporal traces of traumas from past or other lives are tracked to the point that necessary awareness can be supplied and an energy cleanse in the affected regions can be conducted so that these regions are reprogrammed. This exercise is effective especially in curing psychological problems, problems relating to work and personal life, interpersonal communication problems, chronic health issues, wandering and unprovoked pain, and issues such as phobias and worries that lower quality of life.

The technique can be applied in face-to-face meetings.