Angel Therapy and Akashic Record Reading

In the intricate paths of life we sometimes feel lost in a sea of decisions and questions. Why am I going through this? What should I do about my job? What is the right decision for me? How must I proceed in my love life? What is my life purpose?

You can ask everything about yourself that comes to mind in Angel Therapy and Akashic Record Reading sessions. The Lords and Archangels that are the Lords of the Akashic Records provide you with extremely clear and exact answers. Some of the questions you can ask in this session to overcome the difficulties in your life and find a new direction might concern:

  • Relationships with family members, spouses, friends
  • Lessons you have experienced spiritually in this life, opportunities that will ensure your maturation and the purpose of your life Your past lives, the blocks formed in this life and how to resolve them
  • The source of your fears and worries, repeating mental, emotional and behavioral patterns
  • Your career and choice of occupation
  • Your love life
  • Your life purpose
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Cleansing the effects of past lives