Energy Cleansing in Places

Just like people, every space harbors a certain kind of energy. Our houses, our offices, the area around them, and even the furniture and objects of use in the space have all accrued the energy of everything that has happened in years. Therefore, the spaces we live in affect us directly, whether we realize it or not.

A space can only be “healthy” if its energy has been cleansed, purified and revived. This is why space clearing is as important as physically cleaning your space.

  • Are you unable to sleep well?
  • Does the space you inhabit, or part of the space, give you a sense of unrest?
  • Have you been feeling unhealthy, restless and out-of-sorts ever since you moved in to the space you inhabit?
  • Has your profitability suffered a fall since you moved in?
  • Is the space home to constant quarreling?
  • Is your wealth and abundance facing a block?
  • Do you have problems concentrating in your workspace?
  • Are your employees in a state of unrest? Do you experience frequent staff circulation?

The answer to these questions might lie in space clearing.